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Course Descriptions

Scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals require skills in computing and data analysis to do their jobs. We refer to these as data science skills.

These two courses teach graduate students the software engineering and molecular data science skills to be successful technical professionals in the 21st Century. In particular, this courses teach how to approach computational research with reproducibility in mind: to create sharable and reusable research projects that incorporate both computation and data. The courses also provide students with a survey of machine learning methods including supervised and unsupervised methods.

In SEMDS students will learn the following skills:

In DSMCER students will learn the following skills:

The courses emphasize a hands-on learning approach in which class time is often used for problem solving in small groups. The first 6 weeks will teach the skills described above. The remaining weeks are devoted to the student’s class project, creating a computational research project of their choosing.